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AIAA S-114  
AIAA S-114 2021  تاریخچه  
Moving Mechanical Assemblies for Space and Launch Vehicles
8000000 ریال  
AIAA R-141  
AIAA R-141 2021  تاریخچه  
Code Verification in Computational Fluid Dynamics
8000000 ریال  
AIAA R-154  
AIAA R-154 2021  تاریخچه  
When Flight Modelling Is Used to Reduce Flight Testing Supporting Aircraft Certification
8000000 ریال  
AIAA S-153  
AIAA S-153 2021  تاریخچه  
Human Spaceflight: Spacecraft Architecture and Systems Engineering Ontology
8000000 ریال  
AIAA R-091  
AIAA R-091 2020  تاریخچه  
Calibration and Use of Internal Strain-Gage Balances with Application to Wind Tunnel Testing
5000000 ریال  
AIAA R-146  
AIAA R-146 2020  تاریخچه  
Dual Flow Reference Nozzles For Verification of Sub-Scale Thrust and Airflow Test Rigs: Dual Separate Flow Reference (DSFR) and Dual Mixed Flow Reference (DMFR)
5000000 ریال  
AIAA G-034A  
AIAA G-034A 2019  تاریخچه  
Guide to Reference and Standard Ionosphere Models
5000000 ریال  
AIAA S-102.1.4  
AIAA S-102.1.4 2019  تاریخچه  
Performance-Based Failure Reporting, Analysis & Corrective Action System (FRACAS) Requirements
5000000 ریال  
AIAA S-102.1.5  
AIAA S-102.1.5 2019  تاریخچه  
Performance-Based Failure Review Board (FRB) Requirements
5000000 ریال  
AIAA S-102.2.2  
AIAA S-102.2.2 2019  تاریخچه  
Performance-Based System Reliability Modeling Requirements
5000000 ریال  


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