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ASTM C1163  
ASTM C1163 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Practice for Mounting Actinides for Alpha Spectrometry Using Neodymium Fluoride 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM E388  
ASTM E388 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Test Method for Wavelength Accuracy and Spectral Bandwidth of Fluorescence Spectrometers 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM E3029  
ASTM E3029 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Practice for Determining Relative Spectral Correction Factors for Emission Signal of Fluorescence Spectrometers 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM E168  
ASTM E168 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Practices for General Techniques of Infrared Quantitative Analysis 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM E131  
ASTM E131 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Terminology Relating to Molecular Spectroscopy 1, 2
3000000 ریال  
ASTM F2745  
ASTM F2745 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Specification for Required Product Information to be Provided with an Airplane 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM F2746  
ASTM F2746 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Specification for Pilot_s Operating Handbook (POH) for Light Sport Airplane 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM F2840  
ASTM F2840 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Practice for Design and Manufacture of Electric Propulsion Units for Light Sport Aircraft 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM A29A29M  
ASTM A29A29M 2023  تاریخچه  
Standard Specification for General Requirements for Steel Bars, Carbon and Alloy, Hot-Wrought 1
3000000 ریال  
ASTM A105A105M  
ASTM A105A105M 2023  تاریخچه  
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry Used in USDOE-NE Standards Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications 1
3000000 ریال  


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