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B11 B11.0  
B11 B11.0 2023  تاریخچه  
Safety of Machinery
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.17  
B11 B11.17 2023  تاریخچه  
Safety Requirements for Horizontal Hydraulic Extrusion Presses
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.TR8  
B11 B11.TR8 2022  تاریخچه  
Guide to Inspection of Risk Reduction Measures
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.15  
B11 B11.15 2022  تاریخچه  
Machine Tools _ Safety Requirements for Pipe, Tube, and Shape Bending Machines
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.3  
B11 B11.3 2022  تاریخچه  
Safety Requirements for Power Press Brakes
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.6  
B11 B11.6 2022  تاریخچه  
Safety Requirements for Manual Turning Machines with or without Automatic Control
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.8  
B11 B11.8 2021  تاریخچه  
Safety Requirements for Manual Milling, Drilling and Boring Machines with or without Automatic Control
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.13  
B11 B11.13 2020  تاریخچه  
Machine Tools - Single and Multiple Spindle Automatic Screw/Bar and Chucking Machines Safety Requirements for Construction, Care and Use
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.TR10  
B11 B11.TR10 2020  تاریخچه  
Functional Safety of Artificial Intelligence for Machinery Applications
5000000 ریال  
B11 B11.27  
B11 B11.27 2020  تاریخچه  
Safety Requirements for Electro Discharge Machines
5000000 ریال  


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