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CII FR-383  
CII FR-383 2023  تاریخچه  
Implementation Guide to Industrial Integrated Project Delivery (I2PD)
18000000 ریال  
CII FR-390  
CII FR-390 2023  تاریخچه  
AWP Execution Planning Guide for Projects and Organizations
18000000 ریال  
CII FR-396  
CII FR-396 2023  تاریخچه  
Business Case Analysis for Industrial Modularization
18000000 ریال  
CII FR-399  
CII FR-399 2023  تاریخچه  
Key Performance Indicators and Metrics for Capital Efficiency in the Downstream and Chemicals Sector
18000000 ریال  
CII FR-400  
CII FR-400 2023  تاریخچه  
Construction Industry Changes: Beyond the Pandemic
18000000 ریال  
CII FR-TC-03  
CII FR-TC-03 2023  تاریخچه  
Advanced Work Packaging Digital Threads to Enable Supply Chain Visibility on Capital Projects
18000000 ریال  
CII IR-394-2  
CII IR-394-2 2023  تاریخچه  
18000000 ریال  
CII IR-396-2  
CII IR-396-2 2023  تاریخچه  
A Business Case Analysis Guide and Tools for Industrial Modularization Implementation
18000000 ریال  
CII FR-384  
CII FR-384 2022  تاریخچه  
Tracking and Tracing Construction Materials: Guidelines for Upstream and Onsite Implementation
10000000 ریال  
CII FR-DCC-07 2022  تاریخچه  
Development of a Project Capital Efficiency Scorecard: Strategic Business-project Alignment in Downstream and Chemicals Projects
10000000 ریال  


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