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ITU-T E.118.1  
ITU-T E.118.1 2023  تاریخچه  
Allocation, assignment and management of global Issuer Identifier Numbers (IINs)
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T F.749.6  
ITU-T F.749.6 2023  تاریخچه  
Requirements of vehicle information for automated driving in vehicle gateway platforms
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T F.749.16  
ITU-T F.749.16 2023  تاریخچه  
Requirements for logistics express delivery based on civilian unmanned aerial vehicles
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T F.780.1  
ITU-T F.780.1 2023  تاریخچه  
Framework for telemedicine systems using ultra-high definition imaging
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T F.780.2  
ITU-T F.780.2 2023  تاریخچه  
Accessibility of telehealth services
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T G.107.2  
ITU-T G.107.2 2023  تاریخچه  
Fullband E-model
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T G.191  
ITU-T G.191 2023  تاریخچه  
Software tools for speech and audio coding standardization
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T G.698.4  
ITU-T G.698.4 2023  تاریخچه  
Multichannel bi-directional DWDM applications with port agnostic single-channel optical interfaces
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T G.1051  
ITU-T G.1051 2023  تاریخچه  
Latency measurement and interactivity scoring under real application data traffic patterns
3000000 ریال  
ITU-T G.8013  
ITU-T G.8013 2023  تاریخچه  
Operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) functions and mechanisms for Ethernet-based networks
3000000 ریال  


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